Nurturing life through the body, heart, and spirit with the wisdom of Chinese medicine


For their help and support.

  • My parents, Drs. Ute und Klaus Wilms, who have supported me unconditionally through thick and thin and without whom I would be nothing.
  • My dogs and goats, who have kept me real and forced me to go for grazing walks with my nose in the flowers.
  • Keith Loop, student, friend, and companion on the Wang Fengyi 王鳳儀 path of reclaiming our Heavenly Nature, and my daughter Momo Wilms-Crowe, for most of the beautiful photos on this site.
  • Heiner Fruehauf, Laurie Regan, Brenda Hood, Liu Lihong, and all my other practitioner friends and teachers, for demonstrating to me the power of this medicine in action.
  • Donald Harper, Nigel Wiseman, Charlotte Furth, Yi-Li Wu, Jender Lee, Li Jianmin, Mayanagi Makoto, Paul U. Unschuld, and the countless other academics, for your dedication to research and academic excellence. Your hard work is the foundation of my knowledge.
  • Sepideh Bajracharya, for rose essences, love and light, and hard hard questions to make me think about the meaning of medicine and healing.
  • Sunjae Lee, calligrapher, painter, musician, and Shanghanlun 傷寒論 fan extraordinaire, for supplying the exquisite artwork to grace the covers of our books.
  • Stephen Higgins, for your tears in my dream.
  • All my students, past, present, and future, who remind me every day I teach how lucky I am to be working in this field. So many of you are not just students but rather friends and teachers. I consider it a great honor to help you along your chosen path towards becoming a "Great Physician" (da yi 大醫) in the fullest sense of the term, as laid out by Sun Simiao 孫思邈.
  • And to the many, many other people who share my vision of everything that true medicine can and should be.