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Sun Simiao's ghost points


十三鬼穴: The Thirteen Ghost Points

(From: Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang 備急千金要方, Volume 14 on the Small Intestine, section 5 on"Wind Insanity" 風癲 feng dian. It is identified there as a quotation by Bian Que 扁鵲.)

Sun Simiao

Intro to this section: “Withdrawal disease can manifest as deep silence or excessive reckless speaking, laughing, crying,singing, falling asleep while sitting, wanting to eat filth or excrement,running around naked or at night, manic yelling, chaotic gesturing.... For this kind of patient with withdrawal and mania, use both acupuncture and moxibustion and formulas in your treatment. Specialists in wind divination can also discern the ghost based on the wind. When the hundred evils cause illness, there are thirteen points you can needle.”






男從左起針,女從右起針。。。 In male [patients], start needling from the left. In female [patients], start needling from the right.

第一針人中,名鬼宮。從左邊下針右邊出。The first needle is Ren Zhong. It is called Gui Gong (Ghost Palace). Lower the needle from the left side and remove it from the right side.

第二針手大指爪甲下,名鬼信。入肉三分。The second needle is under the nail of the thumb. It is called Gui Xin (Ghost Trust). Enter the flesh three fen.

第三針足大指爪甲下,名鬼壘。入肉二分。The third needle is below the nail of the big toe. It is called Gui Lei (Ghost Rampart). Enter the flesh two fen.

第四針掌後橫紋,名鬼心。入半寸(即太淵穴也)。The fourth needle is on the horizontal line behind the palm. It is called Gui Xin (Ghost Heart). Enter 0.5 cun. (Song editors’ comment: This is the point Tai Yuan).

第五針外踝下白肉際足太陽,名鬼路。火針七鋥,鋥三下(即申脈穴也)。The fifth needle is below the outer ankle on the margin of the white flesh on the foot Taiyang vessel. It is called Gui Lu (Ghost Road). Fire-needle seven flashes, 3 [fen] down. (Song editors’ comment: This is the point Shen Mai.)

第六針大椎上入髮際一寸,名鬼枕。火針七鋥,鋥三下。The sixth needle is above Da Zhui, entering 1 cun into the hairline. It is called Gui Zhen (Ghost Pillow). Fire-needle seven flashes, 3 [fen] down.

第七針耳前髮際宛宛中耳垂下五分,名鬼床。火針七鋥,鋥三下。The seventh needle is in front of the ear, right next to the hairline, 5 fen below the lobe. It is called Gui Chuang (Ghost Bed). Fire-needle seven flashes, 3 [fen] down.

第八針承漿,名鬼市。從左出右。The eighth needle is at Cheng Jiang. It is called Gui Shi (Ghost Market). [Needle] from the left and exit from the right.

第九針手橫紋上三寸兩筋間,名鬼窟(即勞宮穴也)。The ninth needle is three cun above the horizontal line of the hand, in between the two sinews. It is called Gui Ku (Ghost Cave). (Song editors’ comment: This is the point Lao Gong.)

第十針直鼻上入髮際一寸,名鬼堂。火針七鋥,鋥三下(即上星穴也)。The tenth needle is straight up above the nose, entering 1 cun into the hairline. It is called Gui Tang (Ghost Hall). Fire-needle seven flashes, 3 cun down. (Song editors’ comment: This is the point Shang Xing.)

第十一針陰下縫,灸三壯,女人即玉門頭,名鬼藏。The eleventh needle is on the seam below the genitals. Burn three moxa cones. In women, this is the tip of the vagina. It is called Gui Cang (Ghost Hiding Place).

第十二針尺澤橫紋外頭接白肉際,名鬼臣。火針七鋥,鋥三下(此即曲池)。The twelfth needle is where the outer tip of the horizontal line through Chi Ze meets the margin of the white flesh. It is called Gui Chen (Ghost Vassal). Fire-needle seven flashes, 3 [fen] down. (Song editors’ comment: This is the point Qu Chi.)

第十三針舌頭一寸,當舌中下縫,刺貫出舌上,名鬼封。仍以一板橫口吻,安針頭,令舌不得動。The thirteenth needle is 1 cun in from the tip of the tongue, in the middle of the tongue on the seam below. Pierce through [the tongue] so that [the needle] emerges on the top of the tongue. It is called Gui Feng (Ghost Seal).  Take another [needle], place it horizontally in the mouth between the lips, and stabilize the tip of the needle so that the tongue cannot move.

已前若是手足皆相對,針兩穴。若是孤穴,即單針之。If the above points are located on both sides of the arms and leg, needle both points. If they are individual points, then just needle the single point.