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Sun Simiao on Horse-Related Pediatric Conditions

Some excerpts on horse-related conditions from my recently published translation of Volume 5 of the Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang, Venerating the Root 1, in honor of the Year of the Wood Horse.

Note that these are brief excerpts out of context, given here just for kicks. For explanatory notes and the Chinese source text, please see my book. And if you try the horse manure bath treatment on yourself, make sure the horse has been fed on organic pasture (not GM-corn) and not been treated with Ivermectin. (-:


III.18 Moxibustion Treatment of Seizures in Accordance With Differentiation by Association with Zang Organs or Domestic Animals

(1) When the disease is horse seizures, it manifests in a gaping mouth and shaking head, neighing like a horse, and imminent arched-back rigidity. Apply moxibustion to Fengfu on the neck and to the middle of the navel, three cones each. If the disease is located in the abdomen, ingesting pulverized charred horse hooves is excellent.

(2) When the disease is ox seizures, it manifests in directly forward-staring eyes and abdominal distention. Apply moxibustion to Jiuwei and Dazhui, two cones each. Ingesting pulverized charred ox hooves is excellent.

(3) When the disease is goat or sheep seizures, it manifests in a tendency to fluttering eyes and a protruding tongue. Apply moxibustion on top of Dazhui, three cones.

(4) When the disease is pig seizures, it manifests in a tendency to vomit foam. Apply moxibustion 1 cun to both sides of Wangu, seven cones each.

(5) When the disease is dog seizures, it manifests in bent hands and contracted fists. Apply moxibustion to the centers of both hands, 1 cone [each]. Also apply moxibustion to Foot Taiyang and to Leihu (“rib door”), 1 cone each.

(6) When the disease is chicken seizures, it manifests in head-shaking, arched-back rigidity, a tendency to fright, and spontaneous shaking. Apply moxibustion to the various yang [channels] on the foot, 3 cones.

(7) Listed above are the signs and symptoms for seizures associated with the six domestic animals.


IV.2.9 Yi Wu Matong Yu Tang
(Single-Ingredient Horse Manure Wash Decoction)


A treatment for upset strike (忤中) in early childhood


[Take] 3 sheng of horse manure and roast it until the smoking stops. Decoct in 1 dou of liquor, letting it come to a boil 3 times. Remove the dregs. Bathing the child [in this decoction] causes immediate recovery.

Explanatory note from the Qian Jin Fang Yan Yi 千金方衍義:

The liquid from horse manure expels filth and poison from the six fu organs, while bathing in horse manure eliminates all kinds of wind from the blood vessels.


IV.3 Moxibustion Methods

When small children are struck by horse-type intrusive upset (客忤) and then vomit incessantly, apply moxibustion to Shouxinzhu, Jianshi, Dadu, Yinbai, and Sanyinjiao, 3 cones each.

You can [also] use pills made out of starch as in the method [above] that uses douchi, while at the same time employing spitting. Spit at and pronounce a spell for it.

The spell treatment follows below.