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Feeding My Demon

In the hour before dawn

The memories smash through the carefully barred doors

Of their jail cells in my marrow.

Watching the front door close behind my young child,

Taken away by a friend to safety

Because I know they are coming for me.

A gun to my head

Metal around my wrists

Blood in the orchard

Only because I am "OTHER."

You don't get to judge me for acting from my lizard brain

Until you have been there yourself.

But you can support me and hold my hand while I go through hell

Over and Over and Over.

Suns rise and moons set. Seasons pass and trees die, but nothing will ever be the same for me

For I am alone with my fear.

Treat  lightly, speak softly, and lend a hand when I stumble

For my nerves are raw

And I am tired to the bone.

Men in the uniforms of power

Yelling, abusing, deciding my life behind politely closed doors

Of a cop car or a court room.

Dont' ask me to salute a flag or sing an anthem!

My pain is your pain, your pain is my pain.

My sisters and my brothers, my parents, elders, and teachers, my students and children:

We all need each other

In these dark times.


For more information on feeding your demons, see this short explanation by Lama Tsultrim Allione or her book, "Feeding your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict." It is only when we acknowledge our demons, welcome them, accept them as part of us and feed them love that we can transform them.