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Sun Simiao's ghost points

(From: Bèi Jí Qīan Jīn Yào Fāng 備急千金要方, Volume 14 on the Small Intestine, section 5 on"Wind Insanity" 風癲 fēng dīan. It is identified there as a quotation by Biǎn Què 扁鵲.)

Intro to this section: “Withdrawal disease can manifest as deep silence or excessive reckless speaking, laughing, crying,singing, falling asleep while sitting, wanting to eat filth or excrement,running around naked or at night, manic yelling, chaotic gesturing.... For this kind of patient with withdrawal and mania, use both acupuncture and moxibustion and formulas in your treatment. Specialists in wind divination can also discern the ghost based on the wind. When the hundred evils cause illness, there are thirteen points you can needle.”

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