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Happy Goat Productions is the brainchild and life's work of Sabine Wilms, the owner, creator, and primary translator of this site. As such, I am solely responsible for any content that is not expressly attributed to anybody else. That said, it takes a party to publish a book... or put on a successful seminar. I would not be here without the constant professional and personal support of my trusted friends and colleagues in the field of Chinese medicine. Everything I know about Chinese medicine comes from my teachers, my books, my doctors, and my practitioner friends and students. I am incredibly fortunate to be living near Portland, OR, and teaching at the National College of Natural Medicine, at the School of Classical Chinese Medicine, which is undoubtedly one of the most fertile places for exchanging ideas about Chinese medicine in the world right now. Check out the video on their website.


Sabine Wilms

After high school and undergraduate studies in Germany, I spent two years in Taiwan studying modern and classical Chinese. I then moved to the US for my graduate studies and have lived there most of the time since, teaching, writing, and farming.

I have been studying classical Chinese writings on medicine ever since my PhD research in Asian Studies and Medical Anthropology. While my academic background has given me a solid foundation in early Chinese philosophy, science, and cosmology, and therefore in a historically and culturally sensitive approach to classical Chinese medicine, I also enjoy an ethnomedical approach to Chinese medicine as a living, clinically effective, and ever-changing response to any given cultural environment.

Some of my favorite topics for research and teaching are

  • gynecology, pediatrics, and reproduction
  • yangsheng 養生 (“nurturing life”) as understood in the broadest sense by the great medieval “King of Medicinals” Sun Simiao 孫思邈, including dietetics, lifestyle, regulating the emotions, moral cultivation, etc.
  • medical ethics
  • the modern clinical application of the wisdom from the classics, especially Zhuangzi 莊子.
  • sharing the Chinese classics (medicine, philosophy, etc.) with medical practitioners through teaching classical Chinese and reading the texts together.

 In my academic life, I am happiest when engaging in a dialogue with practitioners on how to make this ancient wisdom come  to life in our modern times. In my other lives, I find bliss in holding newborn goats, racing horses in Mongolia, digging in the dirt and hugging a tree, making Sauerkraut or kimchi with my daughter, or playing cumbias on the accordion. When not writing, I spend my "work" time teaching courses on Chinese history and culture, classical medical Chinese, and medical literature, gynecology, etc. at the School of Classical Chinese Medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, as well as private reading groups and CEU seminars.

Click HERE for a transcript of an interview I did a few years ago with a journal in Israel, recently republished by the ICCCM Journal in their spring 2015 edition.

To find out more about my professional activities, see my detailed Curriculum Vitae and List of Publications.


Brenda Hood

Dr. Brenda Hood is undoubtedly the smartest woman I have ever had the honor of calling a friend.

Anybody who has ever tried to read Chinese texts on inner alchemy, let alone write a PhD thesis on them IN CHINESE, will know what I mean. Brenda's incisive understanding of Chinese medicine, her decades of clinical training with many of the greatest teachers of Chinese medicine alive, her tender open heart and quirky sense of humor, and her complete dedication to the healing profession make her a great treasure. Plus she is the queen of tuning forks.

Our only challenge is that she is so deeply engaged in the PRACTICE of Chinese medicine as full-time faculty at the National College of Natural Medicine that getting her to sit down and write about it is about as difficult as herding cats. Plus, usually we both agree that we'd rather go mushroom hunting or nettle picking... Fortunately for Happy Goat Productions, though, Portland is blessed by lots of rainy weather. And Brenda does like her Neijing Studies, so something grand is bound to happen.

For more insights into the mysterious ways in which Brenda's mind works, listen to two fascinating interviews she had with Laurie Regan and Heiner Freuhauf for True Nature Radio:

  1. The Power of Sound as a Healing Modality in Chinese Medicine
  2. Chinese Bleeding Techniques Can Produce Rapid and Profound Results

Genevieve LeGoff

Genevieve LeGoff is a fascinating combination of the European Wise Woman herbalist and the traditional Chinese scholar-physician.


Besides raising her lovely two daughters, sailing away into the sunset, and helping run a CSA in Marin County, CA, Genevieve runs a gorgeous and thriving clinic of Chinese medicine in Fairfax, CA, Between Heaven and Earth. There she treats patients with acupuncture, herbs, and a giant loving heart, specializing in reproductive medicine and prenatal, perinatal, and postpartum care. Motivated by her boundless thirst for more authentic information on classical Chinese medicine and access to the classical texts, she occasionally organizes CEU seminars that allow teachers like me to come visit and exchange ideas with the wonderful participants that she manages to attract to her courses.

My professional and personal friendship with Genevieve began with a weekend seminar on "Nurturing the Fetus," followed by a 6-month seminar on classical Chinese for practitioners, which I taught at her old clinic, in the same room where Janis Joplin used to practice! Genevieve has fully embraced the challenge of applying Sun Simiao's teachings especially on gynecology and pediatrics in her clinical practice, with results that speak for themselves. For more information on Genevieve, read her Curriculum Vitae here.

Sunjae Lee

So far, the gorgeous art work of Sunjae Lee has beautified the cover of nearly every book published by Happy Goat Productions. We feel very fortunate and honored by this collaboration and surely hope to continue in this vein. For so many reasons, the very first image Sunjae created for my first book ("Venerating the Root") is just the perfect artistic expression of the spirit of that book. The treasured original hangs in the place of honor in my living room.


Sunjae Lee is a doctor of Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine based out of Seoul, Korea. He started learning calligraphy and Asian brush painting as part of his education at the National College of Natural Medicine, and continued painting under the direction of Master Ha Sangho in Korea. He is also a jazz musician of 20 years and believes that holistic medicine must incorporate art in various manifestations on the part of the patient as well as practitioner. 

His paintings blend traditional techniques with modern aesthetics and seek to capture the tranquility and simplicity of nature. As a practitioner and lifelong student of Oriental Medicine, he is excited to work with Happy Goat Productions for their dedication to scholarship and increasing accessibility of crucial translations to the English speaking medical community. 


Barbara Tada is a freelance Graphic Designer living in the countryside south of Eugene, Oregon, with her husband, daughter and many pets. Over the past 20 years, she has had the good fortune of working with a variety of small companies, independent authors and artists. In addition to being fun and interesting work, this has given her the opportunity to gain experience working on a wide variety of projects. She is very pleased to be part of the Happy Goat Productions team! To see more of her work visit