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  • Southern Methodist University Taos, New Mexico, 87557. (map)

This exciting program will once again take place in Taos, NM, at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Z’ev lived for seven years in Santa Fe, NM and ten years in Denver/Boulder, CO, before moving to San Diego, CA, to chair the Department of Herbal Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine twenty-eight years ago. During his years in Colorado and New Mexico, in addition to practicing Chinese medicine he learned to identify and wild-craft local medicinals growing in the Rocky Mountains and classify them according to Chinese medical criteria. In recent years, he has focused on clinical practice (thirty-five years’ experience), teaching advanced seminars in Classical Chinese Medicine, and releasing his first book, "Returning to the Source: Han Dynasty Medical Classics in Modern Clinical Practice", from Singing Dragon Press.

Z’ev will be joined by author, scholar, and international lecturer Sabine Wilms, Ph.D. For seven years Sabine operated a biodynamic goat farm and apple orchard outside of Taos, New Mexico, centered on subsistence farming and living in harmony with Heaven and Earth. She has since become one of our most prominent translators of classical Chinese medical texts, including a translation of the Shén Nóng Běn Cǎo Jīng, available from Happy Goat Productions. Sabine’s newest projects include the launch of Imperial Tutor, a mentorship, retreat, and educational portal for practitioners of Chinese medicine, as well as a translation of Sù Wèn 5.

This program will balance field work with study, practicality with classical scholarship. The precise topics of next year’s event are still to be decided, but most definitely include a healthy mix of soaking in hot springs, hiking in the mountains to track down herbs, a rustic tea ceremony, and lectures and discussions on classical medicine, harmonizing Heaven and Earth, and contemporary clinical application of all these beautiful thoughts.

New Mexico’s northern high desert and mountain ranges are an unspoiled treasure of potent herbs nurtured by the high altitude, strong sunlight and sharp temperature changes of the region. The contrasts of altitude, rainfall and sunlight have created several life zones with a variety of medicinal plants found in few other locales. The staggering beauty of the area calms the mind and increases sensitivity to studying the traditions of Chinese medicine.

A full class list and additional information will be made available at and Photo credit to Julie Colby.

“The sage rests. Resting then results in balance and ease. Balance and ease then result in tranquil indifference. Balance, ease, and tranquil indifference mean that worries and trouble are unable to enter and that evil Qì is unable to carry out a sneak attack. For this reason, the sage’s virtue-power is complete and the Spirit is not lost.” -Zhuāngzi 莊子

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