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Discussing yangsheng in New Zealand

Here is a link to the flyer.

This day will serve as an introduction to the world of classical Chinese medicine. Following the lead in the medical literature of the Han to Tang dynasties (ca. second century BCE to tenth century CE), we will focus particularly on practices and theories of “yangsheng” 養生. Literally translated as “nurturing life,” this term describes ways of supporting and nurturing the body’s natural processes, promoting health, and preventing disease from occurring, taking hold, or deepening, which are also sometimes referred to as “treating disease before it arises.” Inspired by Sun Simiao’s vision of the “eminent physician,” Sabine hopes to encourage participants to rethink and expand the meaning of “practicing Chinese medicine,” clinical and otherwise, to conceptualize your practice in the spirit of the ancient sages as going far beyond treating disease, with the ultimate goal of harmonizing Heaven and Earth.