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My own work on this website, on Facebook, and with my books, as well as that of my helpers, is a labor of love. We continuously strive for a balance between sharing this knowledge as freely as possible and leading a sustainable life, since we receive no academic or other outside funding. We also walk a very tight line between pricing our books as low as possible and yet creating beautiful, high-quality, professionally produced books that go through multiple rounds of peer review and editing to honor their content. I've been exploring the concept of "Sacred Giving" (see Charles Eisenstein, "Sacred Economics") and do want to operate by those principles. I just haven't figured out yet how to incorporate them into a web-based business like this in concrete terms. Please consider supporting us financially if you can. And reversely, nobody who needs a copy of our books or advice or anything else we might be able to help with will be turned away for lack of funds. Just contact me through this website. I promise that the specific amounts listed and described on the donations page (hit the button below) will be used 100% for that purpose.

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In all cases, when Great Physicians treat disease, they must quiet their spirit and fix their intention, they must be free of wants and desires, and they must first develop a heart full of great compassion and empathy. They must pledge their desire to rescue all sentient beings indiscriminately from their suffering.
— Sun Simiao, Qianjinfang I.2
Zengzi said: “Every day, I look at myself carefully in three areas: In my considerations of others, have I been disloyal? In my interactions with friends, have I been untrustworthy? In my teachings, have I not put them into practice?
— Confucius, Analects I.4