Nurturing life through the body, heart, and spirit with the wisdom of Chinese medicine

Mentoring and Consulting

I have always had a passion for teaching and sharing what I know with others.


By teaching violin and recorder and tutoring in Latin, German, and other subjects, I was able to buy my first bicycle for my glorious high school graduation trip across the Alps. Since then, I have learned to lecture in formal university settings and in front of large audiences at international conferences, but I do prefer casual surroundings and discussions back and forth like the one below, especially when they involve old friends, tea, a shady spot in nature, and the helpful company of my dog.

Mentoring small groups with lots of laughter, lively discussions, and hard questions back and forth is my favorite scenario.


But of course not everyone can come and join our intimate gatherings in Portland, Oregon, or in my tea room and library in Corbett. I therefore offer mentoring and consulting services in whatever way works best for you:

  • personal one-on-one instruction, preferably at my home where we have access to my library of Chinese books
  • intimate meetings in small groups
  • small or larger CEU seminars
  • long-distance consulting via phone, skype, or even just emailed exchanges.

I love to share my particular combination of knowledge in classical Chinese language and medicine and my decades of experience with writing, translating, editing, and publishing. I have worked with most of the publishers in the field of Chinese medicine, academic and mainstream, from my own Happy Goat Productions to Thieme International, one of the largest international publishers of medical literature in the world, and collaborated with many leading authors, scholars, translators, and practitioners, in a variety of roles. I am passionate about good books and good medicine, and about helping my practitioner colleagues with advice on how to share your thoughts with a larger audience and possibly, if appropriate, express them on your website or the pages of a professional journal or even book-length publication.

I am happy to help with the following services:

  • editing and copy-editing
  • writing
  • translating (Chinese or German into English)
  • tutoring in classical Chinese, medical and otherwise.
  • "publishing" advice, in the broadest sense of helping you determine the best way to share your contribution with the public.

You can involve me in anything from a book-length manuscript or even a dissertation to a journal article, fun and inspiring blog posts, or even just individual lines of classical quotations for an article, flier, or website. I love doing what I do, I am passionate about sharing what I know, and I am always happy to help out. BUT, like everybody else in this modern world, I also have to make a living. I get loads of emails with requests for "quick" translations or research questions, but I am also very busy and passionate about working on my own books. So please understand that paying jobs take priority, as I balance my various needs for creative expression, nurturing life (yours, my own, and that of the other members of my family), and keeping a roof over my head. To retain my services, get in touch with me through the "Contact" page and pay for the service through the Store if that matches your needs. If we need to figure out a different arrangement, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

It is all a matter of BALANCE....


My standard rate is $75 per hour.

Without praise, without slander, now a dragon now a snake, all transforming in accordance with the time, and not willing to engage in intentional action for a specific purpose. Now above and now below, taking harmony as my measure, I float and roam about with the ancestor of the ten thousand things.
— Zhuangzi, The Tree on the Mountain 山木