Nurturing life through the body, heart, and spirit with the wisdom of Chinese medicine


"Dao of Nurturing Life"
(yang sheng zhi dao 養 生之道).

Young goat perched on a post.

Happy Goat Productions is the public manifestation of my lifelong work studying, contemplating, practicing, discussing, and teaching the "Dao of Nurturing Life" (yang sheng zhi dao 養 生之道). On the basis of classical Chinese literature, I approach this work from several angles in my personal and professional life:

  • I access the classical Chinese medical and philosophical literature as authentically as possible by means of literal, culturally sensitive, and historically informed translations.
  • I am inspired specifically by the writings of Sun Simiao 孫思邈, a key figure in Chinese medical history from the early Tang period.
  • I constantly strive to practice what I study and learn, at the macrocosmic and an infinite number of microcosmic levels, from biodynamic farming with livestock and plants to my personal diet, lifestyle, and self-cultivation, to balancing single parenting with my excitement for my teaching and writing.
  • I love sharing my evolving understanding through the written and spoken word, in published translations and interpretations, lectures, seminars, and discussion groups.
  • I work to empower others to access the Chinese original texts as directly and authentically as possible, by helping you study the classical Chinese language, read the source texts in the original with the guidance of a mentor or teacher, and compare existing translations and interpretations with an eye on the original text.
  • Some of my favorite topics in medicine: gynecology and pediatrics, fertility (both human and other), preventative medicine (zhi wei bing 治未病 "to treat disease before it arises"), medical ethics.
  • My primary audience are practitioners of Chinese medicine and any other healers and "nurturers of life" (yang sheng zhi jia 養生之家), in the largest sense of that concept. I greatly admire the work of my colleagues and friends and want to support you in your noble journey to the best of my ability.

This website is intended both as a vehicle to share my books, on-line publications, and services through the "Publications" section of this site, and as an educational resource for students and practitioners of Chinese medicine, to communicate some of the things I have learned in many decades of studying classical Chinese language, culture, and medicine, through the "Resources" section. I hope to facilitate authentic access to and engagement with the treasures of classical Chinese wisdom found in the medical and philosophical literature.

It is my ultimate intention with this site to promote harmony in the world by inspiring and supporting practitioners (in the literal and broad sense of anybody who puts something into practice) in the arts of yang sheng, in "nurturing life" in any way possible. Admittedly, this sounds lofty, but I mean it and may as well put it out there. Please hold me to this intention.