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Released February 6, 2016 and revised March 1, 2017

My literal translation of one of the earliest and most important classics of Chinese medicine and natural science: the Shén Nóng Běncǎo Jīng 神農本草經 or "Divine Farmer's Classic of Materia Medica." Compiled in the third century CE but undoubtedly much older in content, it contains information on 365 substances that were considered to have beneficial effects on the human body.

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Paperback ISBN-13: 9780991342952

Released May 22, 2015

The second part of Venerating the Root, my translation of Sun Simiao's 孫思邈 writings on pediatrics, found in volume 5 of the Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang 備急千金要方 ("Essential Formulas Worth a Thousand in Gold to Prepare for Emergencies"). The book consists of a critical edition of the Chinese text with the literal English translation on opposing pages.

This volume contains five main sections on "Cold Damage," "Cough," "Aggregations, Binds, Distention, and Fullness," "Welling Abscesses, Flat Abscesses, and Scrofula," and "Miscellaneous Diseases of Small Children."

My literal translation is complemented by translator's notes that explain individual terms, medical concepts, alternative readings of passages, translation issues, etc.; a clinical commentary by Dr. Julian Scott; and my translation of commentaries on all the major formulas that was composed in 1698 by the famous physician Zhang Lu 張璐. 

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 Paperback ISBN-13: 9780991342938

Hardcover (released May 1, 2017) ISBN-13: 9780991342983


Released January 1, 2015

Happy Goat Productions is pleased to release its second book in the Wang Fengyi healing tradition.

"Wang Fengyi’s enlightenment was in part his ability to see clearly the complexity of human relationships and human emotions through the lens of the five Phases, in a much more complete and detailed way than had previously been done in Chinese medicine. Using this understanding, he developed a way to understand the deep roots of disease and how they are directly linked to the heart‐mind."  

Dr. Henry McCann's Foreword in Twelve Characters

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Paperback ISBN-13: 978-0991342921

Hardcover (released May 1, 2017) ISBN-13: 9780991342969


Released April 4, 2014

Let the Radiant Yang Shine Forth is a translation by Sabine Wilms and Liu Zuozhi of Liu Yousheng's lectures on virtue, published as 劉有生,演講錄 "Liu Yousheng, Record of Lectures,"on Wang Fengyi's 王鳳儀 system of five-element healing. In plain words and direct, occasionally quite radical messages, Master Liu or "Virtuous Person Liu" 劉善人 communicates the wisdom he has gained in a lifetime of sincere practice and self-cultivation. In addition to the lectures, this book also contains an introduction by Dr. Heiner Fruehauf and two appendices on the "Precious Record of Physiology" and "The Heavenly Nature Affirmations."

This book is a wonderful introduction and companion for anybody interested in participating in one of the intensive retreats in the "Path of the Virtuous Person" 善人道. To purchase the book and view more information, please click here. For more information on Wang Fengyi's system of virtue healing and my personal experience with it, see this page.

Paperback ISBN-13: 978-0991342914

Hardcover (released May 1, 2017) ISBN-13: 978-0991342990

Released December 30, 2013

This book, the first official publication of Happy Goat Productions, is a literal translation of the first half of Volume 5 from the Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang 備急千金要方 on pediatrics, composed by Sun Simiao 孫思邈 in the seventh century. It contains a critical edition of the Chinese text with the literal English translation on opposing pages, in four sections titled  "Preface," "Emergence of the Newborn from the Abdomen," "Fright Seizures," and "Intrusive Upset."

The book also includes extensive translator's notes, clinical commentary by Dr. Brenda Hood, and a translation of the historical commentary on all major formulas from the Qian Jin Fang Yan Yi 千金方衍義 ("Expanded Meaning of the Thousand-Gold-Formulary"), composed in 1698 by Zhang Lu 張璐. 

For more information on classical Chinese pediatrics and a summary of the Preface, see the page on "Nurturing the Small" on this website here. For more information on the book and to purchase a copy, click here.

Paperback ISBN-13: 9780991342907

Hardcover (released May 1, 2017) ISBN-13: 9780991342976