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On this page, you can purchase printed books and e-publications, as well as retain my hourly services. 

Our dog, Mr. Nilson. enjoys Let the Radiant Yang Shine Forth, while basking in the sun.

On this page, you can purchase printed books and e-publications, as well as retain my hourly services. If you have a need for my books or services but cannot afford the price, always get in touch with me. I want this information to be accessible to anybody who has a need for it – trading for firewood or goat milking help is always an option. 

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Let the Radiant Yang Shine Forth (ePub)

Let the Radiant Yang Shine Forth (ePub)


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Please note that this is the digital version of this book (epub edition)! Sabine Wilms and Liu Zuozhi (Dr. Liu Lihong's father) have collaborated to translate the transcripts of lectures by the "Virtuous Person Liu" (刘善人, originally published as Liu Yousheng: Yan Jiang Lu 刘有生,演讲 录 ("Liu Yousheng, Record of Lectures"). In plain words and direct, occasionally quite radical messages, Master Liu communicates the wisdom he has gained in a lifetime of sincere practice and self-cultivation in the tradition of Wang Fengyi's system of five-element healing.


  • More information on Wang Fengyi and his system of Five Element Healing is found on this page, in the "Teachings" section of this website.

  • Read Heiner Fruehauf's preface to the book and introduction to this system here.

  • See the Wang Fengyi five-element virtue chants to affirm the heavenly nature here.

Following a lengthy introduction by Heiner Fruehauf, the book includes the following chapters:

  1. Lecture: Establishing a Commitment and Following Through in Actions

  2. Lecture: Lecturing About Illness

  3. Lecture: The Causes of Illness and Methods of Treatment

  4. Lecture: Illness and Human Relations

  5. Lecture: Rebuilding the Root of Humanity

  6. Lecture: Daily Life and Cultivation

The book consists of Heiner Fruehauf's Introduction, 248 pages of translation, and two appendices on the "Precious Record of Physiology" and "The Heavenly Nature Affirmations."