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On this page, you can purchase printed books and e-publications, as well as retain my hourly services. 

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On this page, you can purchase printed books and e-publications, as well as retain my hourly services. If you have a need for my books or services but cannot afford the price, always get in touch with me. I want this information to be accessible to anybody who has a need for it – trading for firewood or goat milking help is always an option. 

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Xiào Jīng 孝經 (E-Book)

Xiào Jīng 孝經 (E-Book)


A translation of the Xiào Jīng ("Classic of Loving Devotion and Service to One's Parents"), one of the most important texts in the Confucian tradition of Chinese philosophy. Translated in 2013. Note that this is an e-book. You will receive a link that is active for 24 hours, to download this book. Please respect copyright and do not share this file without written permission from Happy Goat Productions.

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This translation by Sabine Wilms is a simple e-publication of one of the central texts in the Confucian tradition of China, a bedrock of the Chinese educational system and social organization, and one of the so-called "Thirteen Classics" that became the basis for the Civil Service Examination from the Song dynasty on. It is treated with the deepest respect in the Wang Fengyi system of Five-Element healing.

The present e-publication contains the following features:

  • a critical edition of the Chinese source text
  • a literal English translation
  • "translation notes" on key terms and expressions, alternative ways of reading a line or phrase, quotations from historical commentators like Zhu Xi, and similar information to guide the reader
  • a clear line-by-line organization that allows the reader to easily compare the English to the Chinese source
  • punctuation to guide the reader in understanding the Chinese grammar.

The text is broken up into chapters in accordance with the way in which it has been organized throughout Chinese history:

  1. Opening up to One's Ancestors and Illuminating Righteous Conduct
  2. The Son of Heaven
  3. The Feudal Lords
  4. The Ministers and High Officials
  5. The Lower Officials
  6. The Commoners
  7. The Three Great Powers
  8. Governing with Xiao
  9. Government of the Sages
  10. Sorting Out Actions of Xiao
  11. The Five Punishments
  12. Expounding the Crucial Dao
  13. Expounding Consummate De (Virtue)
  14. Expounding "Elevating One's Nature"
  15. Remonstrance and Frank Criticism
  16. Resonance
  17. Serving One's Lord
  18. Mourning One's Family Elders