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Where we are now

Sabine's desk computers, many books open across the desk and cup of green tea.

It sure has been a long time that I have updated this page on the website. My apologies! Eventually I am planning a serious overhaul of the entire website but for now I am working on books and teaching full-time, which is keeping me plenty busy. Reading the last update from almost two years ago, I am struck by how much has happened. Here are the highlights:

  • We are currently offering FIVE books, all in paperback, with more information to be found here at our online STORE: Two books on Wang Fengyi's 王鳳儀 teaching on "Five-Element Virtue Healing" (Let the Radiant Yang Shine Forth: Lectures on Virtue and Twelve Characters: A Transmission of Wang Fengyi's Teachings); my translation of Sun Simiao's writings 孫思邈 on pediatrics, found in volume five of the "Essential Formulas Worth a Thousand in Gold to Prepare for Emergencies" 備急千金要方 (Venerating the Root, Parts I and II); and lastly the Divine Farmer's Classic of Materia Medica 神農本草經.
  • In late April, we will be releasing hard-cover versions of all of our books, with the exception of the Divine Farmer's Classic of Materia Medica, since the formatting of that book does not allow for easy conversation. In addition, Barbara Tada is working on ebook conversions, and those should be forthcoming soon as well, most notably for the Divine Farmer's Classic. For the most recent updates, check my Facebook page on "Happy Goat Productions" or sign up for the Happy Goats newsletter below. I respect your time and don't send out a lot of newsletters.
  • I have completed the manuscript for my next book, a translation with extensive historical commentaries and discussion of the "Great Treatise on the Resonant Manifestations of Yin and Yang" 陰陽應象大論, also known as Chapter Five of the Plain Questions 素問 in the Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic 黃帝內經. We are working on revisions and layout right now and are excited to have the fabulous Sunjae Lee once again contributing artwork to this book. This book should see the light of day in about two months.
  • While that book is going through its final production stages, I have just started FINALLY to return to Sun Simiao's writings on gynecology and am determined to publish a long overdue revision of my old translation before this year is over, or at least the first volume on pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. This material has sat in my computer for far too long.
  • My official job title and place of employment has changed. I am now Assistant Professor at the College of Classical Chinese Medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine. The transition to university status and my heavy involvement in the doctoral Classical Texts series have brought their share of challenges and growth to our program and to me personally. It's an exciting time to be at NUNM.
  • The "About Us" page on this website is in need of a big update, with the addition of two amazing women who have been intimately involved in my latest publication and will hopefully continue to do so going forward, as long as I can keep them happy and content. I now have a dream team of support: Meg Chuang is a student at NUNM working on a DUAL doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and in Classical Chinese Medicine (!!!). She is completely bilingual in Chinese and English and also has a deep passion for and understanding of Chinese classical literature, medical and otherwise. She is the absolute ideal and rare proofreader that I thought I would never find! And then for the past year or so I have been working with Barbara Tada with PixelGarden Design from Eugene, OR, on slowly giving our books a little facelift here and there, sprucing up the covers mostly but also making the interior text layout cleaner and easier on the eyes. Both of these women are perfectionists like myself, which has proven such a blessing to complement my own vision of offering the material in these ancient texts in the physical form that they deserve. If there is one thing that Happy Goats can be grateful for in this past year, besides of course the support from readers like you, it is the fact that these two exceptionally talented women are willing to collaborate with me on Happy Goat Productions!
Sabine Wilms