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Getting Serious about Mentoring

It’s been almost a year since my last update on this page, and it has been a very busy but good one, this being my first year of island living. There is no turning back for me. After moving yet again, I am finally settled in what I hope to be a more permanent home, a sweet walk from a very quiet beach where I go swimming in the open sea almost every day. Here are the latest professional developments on Happy Goat Productions and Imperial Tutor:

  • Most importantly, I published Humming with Elephants: A Translation and Discussion of Chapter Five of the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, Plain Questions (Huang di nei jing su wen 5: Yin yang ying xiang da lun 《黃帝內經素問》陰陽應象大論. Here is more information on this book, which was not an easy one to write, took a lot out of me, but allowed me to express much more of my personal voice, rather than just translating. I hope that this book will get widely read and adopted as an introductory textbook for Chinese medicine students, whether classically oriented or not.

  • After a whirlwind tour of 3 continents and 5 countries this spring, I am now settling into a more sustainable teaching schedule that is in a healthy balance with private mentoring (online and in person) and writing. See HERE for upcoming events.

  • I continue to write occasional blog posts, both more strictly related to Chinese medicine at my Happy Goat Productions blog, and personal ruminations at my Beachwalk Blog at Imperial Tutor.

  • I am so happy to finally be working on gynecology again. Rather than republishing my translation of Sun Simiao’s writings on the topic, though, I have decided to take up an old translation project of a much more clinically oriented twelfth century textbook on gynecology. I hope the die-hard Sun Simiao fans out there, who continue to ask me for the republication of Sun Simiao’s work, will forgive me that I have prioritized this other book. I believe that it will be more useful to more people and that our profession does need a solid classically oriented book on gynecology. I hope to have the first volume finished in time for the big TCM Congress in Rothenburg, Germany in May 2019, but who knows…..

  • I am also working with a handful of leading pediatric CM practitioners all over the world to publish an edited volume on contemporary clinical essays on Sun Simiao’s writings on pediatrics, published by yours truly as Venerating the Root, Parts One and Two.

  • In terms of mentoring, I am creating content for members-only pages on my Imperial Tutor website and refining some small group offerings such as this one on Chinese History and Culture.

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