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Channeling the Moon


My new book is done and sent off to the printer, which is always a huge relief. Ah, I get my life and sleep back and can clean the house, resuscitate my sourdough starter, and take the dog for a very very long quiet walk… and get back to spring gardening. Check out the page for the book in my online store for more information and some samples. In addition, I am getting ready for a lecture trip to Europe, teaching in Poland May 24-26 and Germany May 28-31, as part of the Rothenburg Congress. In addition, I have started organizing my own retreats with some of my favorite colleagues and friends. Most notably, I’ll be doing two retreats on Orcas Island in late October and late November. Check out my EVENTS page and the retreat pages (for the Baoming retreat here, and for the retreat on the “Transformative Power of Yin,” please stay tuned) on the Imperial Tutor website. Now I am just happy to get back to my translation work and to preparing for my upcoming lectures.

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