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On this page, you can purchase printed books and e-publications, as well as retain my hourly services. 

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On this page, you can purchase printed books and e-publications, as well as retain my hourly services. If you have a need for my books or services but cannot afford the price, always get in touch with me. I want this information to be accessible to anybody who has a need for it – trading for firewood or goat milking help is always an option. 

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Twelve Characters: A Transmission of Wang Fengyi's Teachings

Twelve Characters: A Transmission of Wang Fengyi's Teachings

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Just like the title states so simply, "Twelve Characters" is a synthesis of Wang Fengyi's system of Five-Element emotional healing. It is a literal translation by Sabine Wilms, PhD, of the Chinese book 《王鳳儀十二字薪傳》, recommended by Drs. Liu Lihong 劉力紅 and Heiner Fruehauf as the ideal introduction to this powerful healing modality for the Western world.

Paperback ISBN-13: 978-0991342921

Hardcover ISBN-13: 9780991342969

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It is with great pleasure that we are able to offer you this introduction to the teachings of Wang Fengyi 王鳳儀, a Manchurian peasant-saint born in 1864. After our previous publication "Let the Radiant Yang Shine Forth," this is only the second English-language publication for readers who seek more information on this apparently simple yet deeply moving and life-changing method of healing and self-cultivation. See also the page on "Wang Fengyi and Five-Element Healing" on this website under the "Teachings" tab.

Here is what this book includes:

  • An exposition of Wang Fengyi's teachings on the basis of these twelve terms:
    • The Three Realms: Inner Nature (xing 性), Heart (xin 心), Body (shen 身);
    • The Five Elements: Wood (mu 木), Fire (huo 火), Earth (tu 土), Metal (jin 金), and Water (shui 水)
    • The Four Great Realms of Existence: Commitment (zhi 志), Intention (yi 意), Heart (xin 心), and Body (shen 身).
  • Twenty chapters in 202 pages.
  • A bilingual edition with the full text of the Chinese original at the beginning of each chapter.
  • A carefully crafted edition with an elegant yet literal translation in the spirit of the five-element virtues:
    • Wood, manifesting the virtue of "Firmness of Purpose" (zhuyi 主意): clear intention of self-less service and commitment to this work by everybody involved in this project.
    • Earth, manifesting the virtue of "Integrity and Trust" (xinshi 信實): complete faithfulness to the Chinese original and trust in the perfection of the sage's original voice.
    • Fire, manifesting the virtue of "Illumination of the Heavenly Principle" (mingli 明理): word choices guided by the clarity of personal experience, aided by lengthy discussions with Tamara Staudt and Drs Laurie Regan and Heiner Fruehauf.
    • Metal, manifesting the virtue of "Radiance of Sound and Light" (xiangliang 響亮): Artistic presentation and elegant language to allow the message to radiate with brilliance.
    • Water, manifesting the virtue of "Softness and Harmony" (rouhe 柔和): Respect for the wisdom of the sage and humble submission to forces beyond our human control or limited understanding.
  • A foreword and some clinical notes by the eminent Chinese medicine practitioner Dr. Henry McCann.
  • A lengthy introduction on the practical implications of this work by Tamara Staudt, one of only three Western teachers of retreats in the Wang Fengyi lineage.
  • An appendix of key terms with pinyin pronunciation, Chinese characters, and English translation.
  • Beautiful cover art by Sunjae Lee

For more information, see the informational page on Wang Fengyi on this website and take a look at the two samples of the text:

  1. Chapter One
  2. An excerpt from Chapter Eight.