Nurturing life through the body, heart, and spirit with the wisdom of Chinese medicine

Wang Fengyi chants

1. Opening Prayer

To be recited before any recitation of the five element chants.

Wen zhong sheng
Listen to the bell sound

Fan nao qing
Clear up all the troubles

Zhi hui zhang
Cultivate the wisdom

Pu ti sheng
Develop Heavenly Nature (become Buddha)

Yuan sheng jiu
Craving for the achievements

Du zhong sheng.
To save .... to ferry across all sentient beings.


2. Affirming the Heavenly Nature 叫性

Wood:    Lǎo shànrén kàn wǒ yǒu zhǔ yì. Wǒ yǒu zhǔ yì.

Cleansing anger & affirming 主意zhǔ yì the virtue of direction, motivation of the life force & boundless compassion

Fire:    Lǎo shànrén kàn wǒ míng lǐ. Wǒ míng lǐ.

Cleansing hatred. Affirming明理míng lǐ the virtue of sacred connection, politeness & gratitude. Finding the light of spirit in everyone & everything

Earth:     Lǎo shànrén kàn wǒ xìn shí. Wǒ xìn shí.

Cleansing doubt & blame. Affirming信实xìn shí, the virtue of deep trust, integrity & trustworthiness.

Metal:    Lǎo shànrén kàn wǒ xiǎng liàng. Wǒ xiǎng liàng.

Cleansing criticism, judgment, lack of xiao, ingratitude. Affirming
响亮xiǎng liàng, the radiance of sound and light. Seeing the positive in everything. Deep gratitude for all phenomena. Unwavering connection to the Great Source.

Water:    Lǎo shànrén kàn wǒ róu hé. Wǒ róu hé.

Cleansing restlessness & disdain. Affirming柔和róu hé, the virtue of humility, wisdom, harmony. Yielding. Letting others go first.

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